We create original projects in the BIM technology

Thanks to the use of the Building Information Modelling technology, which is the most natural work environment for architects, we test and analyse a precisely designed model to achieve the most favourable economic and architectural parameters.

By implementing projects in the BIM environment, we have the ability to coordinate activities at every stage of the investment. This allows to exclude conflicts of projects of individual industries.

With the use of the Autodesk Revit software, we create a database structure of the designed investment, which is a precise reflection of the designed facility and its surroundings. This allows the investor to better visualise the design vision thanks to its visualisation at every stage of the project.

BIM also enables precise creation of bills of quantities, analyses and all necessary sets of elements designed in the virtual environment.

Transparency and predictability of the design process ensured by the use of the BIM technology allows for precise cost control at all stages of the investment.

For each task, we also use a project management programme, which allows us to set a time frame for each stage with the investor and complete the investment within the given time limit.