Studio ARCHAS DESIGN Maciej Zuber received a grant for the project: 
“Technology Transfer Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection / A Collection of Software in the field of Architecture and Construction for an Architectural Studio”.
The undertaking was carried out under the ARP SA Project – Open Innovation Network, 
Measure 2.2. An Intelligent Development Operational Program: Open Innovation – supporting technology transfer, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund for 2014-2020.

Grant agreement number: SOI / TT / 39/2021

The project implementation aims to improve the services provided by ARCHAS DESIGN. The implementation of innovative technology in the form of software from the AEC collection allows one to take full advantage of the advantages of BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, i.e. modelling information about the designed building. The implemented software makes it possible to handle prestigious investments at the highest level and to improve the process of coordinating activities during the implementation of the investment.

Thanks to the implementation of the software, the ARCHAS DESIGN studio will increase the technological level of the services provided. Innovation will allow optimization of design services and contribute to achieving the assumed results at a faster pace. Using all the advantages of the AEC collection will allow architects to process more commissions. Designing in the BIM standard will reduce the costs of planned investments at the stage of design, construction, and life of the building, which in turn will bring measurable savings for both the studio and the investor.

project value: PLN 292,325.49

eligible expenses: PLN 237,663.00

European funds contribution: PLN 202,013.55