• Location: Ustronie Morskie

  • Type: Public Service and Residential

  • Year: 2021

  • Status: Conceptual project

  • Area: 1064 m²

The project includes revitalization works in the area of the unused holiday resort in the suburbs of Ustronie Morskie. The resort consisting of 20 brick and mortar two-room holiday houses and a two-story hotel was located on a vast area within the coastal tree shelter belt. It received its last guests in the early 1990s. For the last 30 years it was subject to gradual decline.

The planned works are aimed at the deconstruction of some of the facilities, impossible to be renovated due to the condition of their structure. New luxurious holiday houses with the capacity of 4 up to 6 persons are going to be erected within the acquired space.

Light self-supporting timber structure will enable the construction of ca. 70 houses on light spot footing without the necessity to carry out heavy ground works interfering with green substrate of the surrounding forest.

The remaining brick and mortar holiday houses will take on a new life as luxurious bungalows with large glazing opening to the beach and the sea, situated at the distance of only 50 meters from the facilities.

Leisure zones are going to be arranged within two clearings, including a food pavilion, animation areas as well as sanitary and technical backup amenities.