• Location: Czechowice-Dziedzice

  • Type: Industrial hal / Office facility

  • Year: 2020

  • Status: In use

The designed facility will be located on the premises of the Bielsko Technological Park of Aviation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Ultimately, it is to serve its users for designing and implementing innovations in the scope of manufacturing metal sheet elements and the moulds for making them. The building is to house production as well as staff and office space, in the form of an office cubage adjacent to the front side of the hall. The facade of the production section will be covered with laminated board in a uniform shade of grey, while the office section is to be made a distinctive part of the plant, by juxtaposing fibre-concrete panels, inter-storey glazing in the entrance area, and red façade details alluding to the MCS company visual identification. The land for the planned development has to be levelled first, which will be possible thanks to designed retaining walls along the access road.