Polski Koks

Investor: POLSKI KOKS S.A.
Date of implementation: 2013
Function: Office building

The headquarters of Polski Koks has been designed
in the shape of a rectangle close by dimensions to squared.
It has five floors above ground and one underground storey.
It is a point building and that is why it has an exposition from each side. Internal communication was solved in a very good way despite of building large volume.
Throughout the entire height of the object, an atrium was designed inside, in which we can find an evergreen tree.
In this way, we have the impression of an environment that more closely interacts with the building and penetrates inside.
Simple and modern materials used to create a strong accent, and the dynamics of the building intensify the interesting solution of the object.
The whole was covered with a flat roof.
The designed slab and column reinforced concrete structure has been finished with a glass facade system and panels made of natural stone.